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Exterior Painting Bedford, Kempston, Marston Moretaine

Painting the exterior of your property can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Unlike decorating a room, the work often needs to be completed over more than one storey. In addition to this, exterior surfaces exposed to various elements, such as wind, water and pollution that cause damage over time. To ensure that you get the best finish, adequate preparation work must be completed beforehand.

Our highly trained painters and decorators can offer you advice on how to make the most of your property. Our survey will inform you of any damage, such as cracks in the masonry or missing rendering that needs to be repaired or replaced before painting. We use an extensive range of top of the line products and paints, and all of our work is carried out to meet all health and safety specifications. A more comprehensive list of the services we offer follows below:

Brickwork and render painting

Different finishes to your exterior house walls require other products and a specific method of application. Our professional painters will be able to consult with you about the time, processes and costs involved with the work, including all preparation work.

Exterior woodwork painting

When we think of exterior decorating, the walls and brickwork can initially spring to mind. We provide services that cater to all of these areas, such as the stripping and repainting wooden soffits, fascia, roofline, windowsills and window frames. As mentioned previously, the attention given to the preparation of these before repainting is the key to the result's quality.

In addition to these mainstream wooden features, we can also protect wooden beams with a coating of specialist preserver.

Fences and garage door painting

This is an aspect of exterior maintenance that is often overlooked and left for too long without treatment. However, reapplying coatings to these aspects of your home not only improves the appearance but provides vital protection against damage from the elements such as rot and rust, increasing longevity.

However big or small your requirements may be, our team will be only too happy to help from a fair amount of maintenance to a complete house makeover. If you require any further information, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Exterior House Painting

If you live in or in the Bedfordshire area and update the look of your home, house painting can offer you several advantages. If you wish to redo your whole home, or touch up a single wall, to have the exterior brickwork, render, or woodwork of your house painted can give you a clean look, so your home continues to look beautiful.

Low Maintenance

Because the paints used on the exterior of a home are durable and long-lasting, you will not need to have your home repainted for many years. It is easy to clean the painted surfaces by simply washing them with a cleaner that has been designed to be used on the exterior of a home.


Over the years, the effects of weather, fallen branches and small animals such as birds and squirrels can wear away old paint and make it chip. Brick can fade over time, while stone can become stained from excessive algae. Painting the exterior of your house can add lots of beauty and freshen the look of your home.


Exterior house painting adds a protective layer of durable coatings designed to seal out the weather's effects. Also, painting the exterior of your home provides a barrier against insects and other pests' ravages. Because it is made to weather the outdoors, external house painting offers long-lasting protection.


Painting lets you change the colour of your home quickly and for much less when compared to other types of exterior materials. You can choose two different colours: one for the central portion of your home and one for the exterior woodwork. By staining or painting the Soffits and fascias a different shade than the primary colours for the rest of the house, you can highlight or complement that colour, depending on the look you want for your home.

If you would like a free price quotation for an exterior painting in Bedford, please contact us.